Tips on How you can Stay Safe while Walking your Dog

While I was lazily strolling with my pet on a Saturday evening, I gave in the thought of Walking with the Dog. Not everyone is much aware of the point to be taken care of while walking down the dog, and this is what led me to write this article for you.

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that you are responsible for your dog as well as yourselves. They got to be in control, and should be reminded every now and then that – you are their leader and not vice-versa.

Tips to Stay Safe while Walking your Dog

Tips on how you can stay safe while walking your dog

Leashes and the best quality Dog Harness pick, are the two key elements that are a Must if you want to control your Dog. Also, there are different styles in leashes which are meant for a specific purpose. Therefore, study about them before purchasing it.

Now, stop thinking for a minute, and focus on here. Following are the Safety Tips for carrying out a Happy Walk with your pet:

Good Planning

You need to do a good planning if you are up for a Dog Walking. Inspect the place well before taking your canine, and check whether there are restrictions on having fun at the beaches.

A Short Dog Leach is what you need

With the help of a short leash, you will have better control of your canine. This reduces the distance between the owner the pet and helps in better communication. You could provide instructions to them, and guide them in the best way.

Walk in front of your pooch

By doing so, you gently let your dog know that you are having control over him. If you let your pet lead you, then this will make your pet feel all superior to you and may get out-of-control.

Rewarding your Dog in-between the walks

This is a simple and common thing that people try out for their pet. But you could make certain modifications on this. For example, instead of coming for walks, reward them for peacefully sleepy on the dog beds view, the previous night.

Keep Leading your Dog, even after the Walking

Don’t stop being the lead even if the walking is over. Maintain the lead until you take off your shoes and drop the leash aside.

So, that’s how you and your pet be safe during the Walking routine. Got any suggestions to add? Write them down below 🙂