Who We Are . . . 

For over 30 years, the Multistate Academic and Vocational Curriculum Consortium (MAVCC), has been recognized as a leading provider of career and technical instructional materials that help prepare students for a diverse, high performance workforce.  But, what you may not know is that, today, we offer so much more.

MAVCC still has quality print teacher and student editions for a variety of career and technical education programs; however, we also offer:

  • Teachers CDs with PowerPoint® presentations, and customizable components, such as written tests and competency profiles
  • Interactive tests that students can complete on the computer for practice and/or assessment, that provide students with immediate feedback, and that provide instructors with test scores as well as data on what objectives or areas need to be reviewed.
  • Site licenses for school programs/instructors wishing to incorporate instructional materials into their lessons on Blackboard® or other means, so students can access coursework from a computer
  • Interactive Safety Training Series on CD that incorporates video instruction with immediate evaluation, feedback and documentation; this series addresses OSHA’s top ten accidents that occur on the job
  • Taking the Road Less Traveled and Destination Success, two nationally recognized training resources that help educators at the state and local levels develop and implement successful plans/strategies to recruit and retain non-traditional students
  • Professional development through in-service workshops and training sessions on a variety of educational topics, including: developing units of instruction, lesson plans, and LAPs; recruiting, training, and placing non-traditional students; integrating resources into classroom instruction, and utilizing instructional materials to improve student outcomes


Now is the time to discover how MAVCC membership can benefit secondary and post secondary education programs in your state!


Our Beliefs . . .  

We believe that:

  • Good curriculum is the cornerstone of education and provides a solid foundation for learning.
  • Alignment of instructional materials to nationally recognized industry skill standards is essential to the success of career and technology education students.
  • Collaboration with business, industry, labor, and educational associations is a critical component of the curriculum development process.
  • Academic and workplace skills should be integrated throughout curriculum to ensure that students have knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in school and the workplace.
  • Transportability of skills from program to program or from secondary to postsecondary education to the workplace is key to the growth and power of tomorrow’s workforce.
  • Accountability from an industry perspective means “the program completer can perform tasks accurately and efficiently and show up for work on time.“
  • Professional development on the utilization of instructional materials can improve instructor effectiveness in the classroom.