CCSD Board Members Have Ideas for Improving Education; Will Legislators Listen?

Last week, the Clarke County Board of Education shared out 6 proposals for the sake of improving the quality of education. It was presented to the legislative delegation last week.

One of the issues addressed in the proposal was related to the 34-years old Quality Basic Education (QBE) formula, the major difference between the pay of the pre-K and the elementary teachers, recruiting new teachers, and retention.

Improving Education

CCBD Members are all set to improve public education

The state Republican Spencer Frye said – it’s too difficult to get Republicans for funding public education.

Also, it’s the Republican Party group who handles both the legislature houses and even the governor’s house. They all have locked it up, and no Republican group – be it the Athens, Houston Gaines – attend any town hall meeting that’s been conducted.

While the legislature of Georgia is planning to fund QBE this year. Even though this move is praisable, there’s one issue here. The formula that provides the local district schools with dollars was prepared in the year 1983. Things have changed, like a lot many things.

During that time, the school thinking and technology level was so much different. Even the way of teaching has evolved a lot with time.

There’s another metric of funding, and that is transportation. District board member Kara Dyckman said, in 1991 almost 54% of the transportation cost of the Clarke County children was taken care of, of which now only 15% cost is covered by the state. Therefore, she adds the school district has to make up with the difference.

Frye still thinks one of the main issues that still remains important is resolving the pay-difference of the Pre-K teachers. He also adds, ‘as per my knowledge, I am only the Georgia House Member with the kids studying in the public school’.

The legislature is currently focussing only on the teaching sector, as it is the only profession that most of the members understand compared to any other profession.

Benefits of Diversity | Why is it important to Respect Other Cultures

Many people belonging to various sects, religions and races have made the United States their home. However, all of them are constantly contributing to the development of our country. Perhaps, we are having a lot many benefits of diversity we are having in our society. Here, we are discussing some of the topmost advantages of the same.


The Main Benefits of Diversity everyone should know about

Below given are some of the benefits of diversity one can notice living in the states. Have a glimpse of them and understand the moral and cultural values of every sect, religion or race.

1. Learning Good Parts of Every Culture

Respecting other culture will teach you their cultural values. Every religion is having its own ideology. Adopting the good parts of that culture evolves us into a good human. If every human thinks in this manner, then the World will be a happy and peaceful place. Therefore, prior to making a belief about any culture in your mind, you shall learn their good parts and adapt them in your life.

2. Celebrating the Festivals and Happiness Together

Celebrating The FestivalsDifferent cultures mean different festivals. The festivals are having their own joy and pomp. Furthermore, we all get a joyous feel while celebrating the festivals. This will result in the sharing of the happiness and joy among the different cultures. Additionally, it will also provide us with the knowledge of the traditional beliefs and stories for the different festivals.

3. Enjoying Various Types of Cuisines

Celebrating the festivals is incomplete without enjoying the cuisines. Each of the festivals is having various food commodities associated with it. Perhaps, this is the main reason why we all eagerly wait for the festivals to arrive. Being a part of the cultural diversity, if we participate in the festivals of other cultures, we will also be able to enjoy their delicious food! we must know about the importance of workforce diversity, too.

4. Establishment of Peace and Harmony

If people from two different races, sects or religions are participating in each other’s festivals, then it will establish the feeling of brotherhood in their heart. Due to this, it would result in the reduction in the disruption of the communal harmony. In order to establish the World Peace, it is utmost necessary that the people come forward and join hands with each other.

5. Variety is the Spice of Life

Different CulturesAs this famous quote states, becoming a part of different cultures will always bring new adventures in our life. We will be learning a lot many things from the various cultural values, traditions, practices of all the different cultures. Hence, our life will stay full of varieties and we will be availing the benefits of diversity in the long run. What’s more, we will develop ourselves as a better human which things of all the humans as equal.

We hope now you are familiar with the Benefits of Diversity. Diversity teaches us a lot many things. Apart from that, it also strengthens the feeling of brotherhood and oneness in the mankind. Our main aim of this article is to make you understand our cultural values and ethics of being a human.

Types of Wood for Woodworking You Can Consider as a Beginner

Oak, Teak, Mahogany, Walnut etc. etc! So many wood options available out there! Choosing the suitable wood for the job is important as for a beginner. In this post, we are going to answer out the same question for you.

Types of Wood for Woodworking You Can Consider as a Beginner

Looking out for the Wood options to get started with the Woodworking?

Getting the right type of wood for the job is as important as the tool selection for the work. Coming to the types of woods, there are two main classes in it. First is the Soft Wood and the other one is the Hard Wood.

Following are the types of Wood which go the best for getting started with the Woodworking.


pine wood

Though pine is a strongly built wood, they get easily dented and also prone to scratching marks. These woods are relatively soft in nature, and this makes the carving smooth and easy for the beginners. You will find this wood in a pale yellow to a light brown shade.



Among all the Cedar wood-types the commonly used is the Western Red variety. By the name itself, you can understand that it has got some shades of Red color. This wood comes with a slight aroma, and it is more preferred for the outdoor projects.


This is a rare wood type, whose shade goes from white to light brown color. They are easy for basic projects, but the only issue is that – Ash won’t be available with the usual wood centers, so you will have to put in some extra efforts with the searching. Ash is a good substitute option against the White Oak.



Next option that you have got is the Mahogany, and they are available in reddish brown to deep red shade. This type of wood are moderately hard, for example, we will give it a score of 2 on a scale of 1 to 5 in terms of hardness. They are costly and only available at standard lumberyards.


Easy to work wood, and most commonly used one for the furnitures, that gives you an Oak. They come in either Red or White colour shade, with a hardness score of 4 in the scale of 1 to 5! White Oak gives more rich look, and is also preferred more compared to the Red Oak.


Maples are available in hard as well as soft forms. The hard maple has got a hardness score of 5 on a scale of 1 to 5. You will require some pro skills to work on this hard wood type. While the soft woods are more easier to handle, and work upon. Soft maple is also found to be less expensive than the hard ones.


One of the sorted out wood option for all the outdoor furnishing. But unfortunately they are becoming rare with the passing days. On a scale of 1 to 5, teak has a score of 3. This wood type will be available only in large lumberyards, or any other high-end suppliers.


These are a few Types of Wood for Woodworking that you can check out on a beginner’s level. Share us your stories in the comment section below, how you got into woodworking and which was the first wood that you worked on. You can follow us on Mavcc for further post-notifications.

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Nest Learning Thermostat Reviews | Install & Explore Guide

The thermostat is a heating device that automatically turns on or off for better comfort. It helps to control the temperature to keep you warm in winter and chilling in summer. In this article Nest Learning Thermostat Reviews | Install & Explore Guide, we will review the nest learning thermostat.

The device can increase or decrease the temperature by sensing the room temperature. It can automatically turn on or off to save more energy. So, this gadget is an energy efficient in maintaining the ambient temperature inside your room or office. You can also manage this device with the help of your smartphone.

There are many different types of thermostats are available in the market. In this article, we are going to discuss the Nest learning thermostat that is rated no. 1 by the experts. So, let’s start discussing the Nest thermostat in the next section of this article.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest thermostat is undoubtedly one of the best thermostats available in the market. Its design and setup are also simple and easy to understand without any difficulty. It can handle your home’s temperature by maintaining it at the optimal level according to your need.

This device provides you with the comfortable surrounding by increasing or decreasing the temperature. It uses multiple heating units like heat pumps, dual fuel system, and air furnaces. This unit can accommodate up to three units for heating and two units for cooling.

Features and Specifications:-

  • Energy efficient:- This thermostat uses very less energy in maintaining the temperature in your house. So, it won’t affect more in your electricity bill as it is energy efficient.
  • Self-learning:- It automatically learns when to increase and when to decrease the temperature of the home. You don’t have to frequently use the device to maintain the temperature.
  • Design:- The nest thermostat is built from the high-quality materials that increase its durability. So, you can use this device for a long amount of time.
  • Energy management:- This thermostat has the built-in sensors that automatically senses the light, temperature, and other movements. With this, it manages how to use the minimal energy for operating efficiently.
  • Connectivity:- You can connect this device to any other smartphone for easy accessibility and for better convenience.

If you are looking for a long-lasting and effective thermostat. Then nest thermostat is the ultimate choice for you. It will work for years with zero maintenance cost and by saving more energy. The device works constantly in maintaining the temperature by sensing the surrounding temperature. You will find the troubleshooting process quite simple.

The above are some of the specifications of the nest thermostat that makes it the best appliance. You can easily install and use this thermostat without any prior experience. If you face any difficulty, then you can follow the steps given in the user manual.

With this, we would like to conclude this article on Nest Learning Thermostat Reviews | Install & Explore Guide. We hope you like our reviews on the Nest thermostat and if you have any query, then feel free to contact us. Also, don’t forget to share your feedback and thoughts on MAVCC. Thank you.